Юные Титаны Вперед!

Юные Титаны 5 сезон 13 серия «Времена меняются»
After their final battle with the Brotherhood of Evil, the Teen Titans must learn to accept the changes that have occurred in Jump City in their absence. During a battle with a mysterious monster that can change into any substance that it touches, Beast Boy spots a young high school girl who greatly resembles Terra, but has no memories of her past
Юные Титаны 5 сезон 12 серия «Титаны вместе»
With all the Titans scattered across the globe and the Brotherhood of Evil taking down young superheroes one by one, all seems lost. But Beast Boy, Pantha, Mas, Herald, and Jericho, the only Titans that have escaped the Brotherhood of Evil's plan, aren't going to give up. Now it is up to them to save all the other Titans before it is too late. Can
Юные Титаны 5 сезон 11 серия «Вызываю всех Титанов»
As the Teen Titans return to Jump City, the Brotherhood of Evil get ready for their final attack. When the Brotherhood of Evil make their move, the Teen Titans have begun recruiting young superheroes. As the ultimate battle between the Titans and the Brotherhood of Evil begins, Robin has a strategy of his own, but as all the villains begin taking
Юные Титаны 5 сезон 10 серия «Вперёд!»
How did all the Teen Titans first meet? How did the never-ending friendship of the Titans form? What was the team's first adventure? Return to the very beginning and watch the origin of the Teen Titans unfold, revealing that everything started when an alien girl escaping her imprisonment crashed on Earth.
Юные Титаны 5 сезон 9 серия «Дави на газ»
When Ding Dong Daddy steals a briefcase which contains his most prized possesion, Robin is desperate to get it back. But it turns out that the only way that will happen is if they beat him in a road race. However, with Ding Dong Daddy making the rules and a few unexpected rivals, including Gizmo, Red X, and a few others joining in the competition,
Юные Титаны 5 сезон 8 серия «Со скоростью света»
With the Teen Titans dispatched across the globe and the Titans East back at Steel City, the H.I.V.E. Five take advantage their absences to steal and rob unhindered. Unfortunately, their city-wide crime spree is cut short when a new hero called Kid Flash spoils their fun, hampering them on several occasions. The H.I.V.E. Five decide to capture Kid
Юные Титаны 5 сезон 7 серия «Игра в прятки»
While the other Teen Titans are off fighting exciting battles with the Brotherhood of Evil, Raven is stuck with the task to take care off three boisterous superheroes called Melvin, Timmy Tantrum, and Teether. But what will happen of this terrible task when it just happens to be that Monsieur Mallah is after the three young heroes?
Юные Титаны 5 сезон 6 серия «Коул»
In a fight against a new and improved Doctor Light in the Arctic Circle, the Teen Titans are sent through the ice in an accident. What they discover are two new superheroes - Kole, and her caveman sidekick, Gnarrk. However, it turns out that Doctor Light plans to use Kole's crystal-generating abilities for his villainous purposes.
Юные Титаны 5 сезон 5 серия «Метель»
While the Teen Titans are fighting a mysterious creature in Russia, Starfire gets lost in a blinding snowstorm. Finding herself away from her teammates, Starfire meets a young hero soldier named Red Star who aids her, and befriends him. But when the rest of the Titans arrive, they find out Red Star hides not just a tragic past, but a dark secret
Юные Титаны 5 сезон 4 серия «В натуре»
As the Teen Titans are away dealing with the Brotherhood of Evil, the Titans East come to Jump City to watch over, but they have some trouble gaining acceptance among the public. Meanwhile, Control Freak escapes from prison, ready to face off against the Teen Titans with a series of challenges designed specifically for them, sure to succeed. But
Юные Титаны 5 сезон 3 серия «Доверие»
The Brotherhood of Evil has begun its plan to eliminate young superheroes across the globe. With the honorary Titan Wildebeest captured, Madame Rouge is after the Brotherhood's second target, another honorary Titan known as Hot Spot. Detecting the threat, Teen Titan Robin immediately heads for Morocco. But can he know who to trust and who to not?
Юные Титаны 5 сезон 2 серия «Возвращение к истокам
The Doom Patrol have now been saved. Beast Boy rejoins the team, and they are prepared to stop the Brotherhood of Evil once and for all; but the Brotherhood also makes preparations for destroying the Titans and their allies. General Immortus and Madame Rouge also strain the Doom Patrol's hopes of victory. The Teen Titans assist and the Brotherhood
Юные Титаны 5 сезон 1 серия «Возвращение к истокам
The Doom Patrol, Beast Boy's former teammates, have been captured and Beast Boy and the Titans have to find them. Later, they discover that the Doom Patrol have been taken captive by their worst enemies, the Brotherhood of Evil.
Юные Титаны 4 сезон 13 серия «Конец, Третья часть»
Robin rescues a younger seven-year-old version of Raven, who has been stripped of both her powers and her memories, but still thinks she must hold the key to Trigon's defeat. Also down in Trigon's realm, Slade fights a demonic guard to regain his "flesh and blood". Meanwhile, the other Titans are fighting for their lives against evil doppelgangers
Юные Титаны 4 сезон 12 серия «Конец, Вторая часть»
Raven has seemingly been destroyed - and so has Earth. Now the four remaining Titans, plus a deeply embittered Slade must stop Trigon and his minions. Their only defense is the mystical Ring of Azar, which is given to them by Slade, and the "farewell blessing" Raven's unusually strong willpower left the Titans to protect them from her father.
Юные Титаны 4 сезон 11 серия «Конец, Первая часть»
Raven discovers that this is the day she has feared her whole life – the day she will end the world. She attempts to make the Titans' final day perfect. She makes them breakfast, they fight Plasmus, and she takes them on a walk. But when Slade comes to reclaim her, the other four Titans refuse to give her up without a fight.
Юные Титаны 4 сезон 10 серия «Матушка Мэй-Ай»
Summoned through an enchanted pie accidentally brought back to the Tower by Cyborg, Mother Mae-Eye manages to induce mind-control over all the Titans, mentally regressing them into obedient, sweet "children" who regard her as their mother. When Starfire is accidentally knocked out of the villain's mind-control during a mission against the H.I.V.E.
Юные Титаны 4 сезон 9 серия «Перегрузка»
Cyborg installs a new computer chip into his circuits, greatly strengthening and increasing his speed and efficiency eight times over. But when a multiplying metahuman, Billy Numerous, appears on the scene, Cyborg may give up a lot to try and catch him.
Юные Титаны 4 сезон 8 серия «Заброшенные в никуда»
When being attacked by an alien in outer space, the Titans inadvertently split the T-Ship apart. Stranded and separated on several different areas of an alien planet, the Titans must now find each other again. Beast Boy displays a bad hand in technological skills, even with simplified instructions from Cyborg, Raven is being followed around by
Юные Титаны 5 сезон 7 серия «Пророчество»
Raven has been hiding a dark secret, but her secret is putting her teammates in danger. Slade is after her again and still wants her to become the portal. She finds that she is unable to escape the prophecy of her birth. It's time her friends find out what her secret is.
Юные Титаны 4 сезон 6 серия «Трок»
Val-Yor, an alien, enlists the help of the Titans to fight an enemy of vicious-fighting machines called the Locrix. Val-Yor is strong, courageous and brave and the Titans immediately take to him, and join him on a mission to finish off the Locrix. However, he displays a noticeable hatred for Starfire and the rest of her Tamaranian kind, something
Юные Титаны 4 сезон 5 серия «Работник месяца»
Amidst a series of UFO raids on farms (with the targets being cows, to everyone's mystification), Beast Boy wants a moped but has no money to get one of his own. Robin won't buy him one and Cyborg won't build one, so the only way for him to get one is to get a job at Mega Meaty Meat, a restaurant which sells nothing but meat. Beast Boy manages to
Юные Титаны 4 сезон 4 серия «Приключение»
Cyborg is accidentally thrown five thousand years into the past, and by coincidence comes to the aid of a young woman named Sarasim, whose tribe is under attack by a horde of gruesome creatures. However, the battle wears out his batteries, and there is no place for him to recharge.
Юные Титаны 4 сезон 3 серия «Родимое клеймо»
Slade makes a miraculous return from his supposed "death" and - now sporting a wide array of incredibly strong fire/flame/heat-based abilities - appears before the Titans, and on one day Raven hates more than others, her own birthday. While they scramble to discover how he survived Terra's volcanic attack, and the mystery behind his new powers, he
Юные Титаны 4 сезон 2 серия «Киборг Варвар»
After losing a fight of martial arts with the villain Katarou, Robin travels to Asia to find an unusually skilled and powerful master of much more skillfully advanced martial arts, known as Chu-Hui, to train him. In the meantime, the other Titans try to fill in the gap left by Robin in a rather unusual fashion.
Юные Титаны 4 сезон 1 серия «Не связывайся с этим»
Control Freak escapes from jail, and manages to enter the world of television. The Titans give chase, but Control Freak's extensive knowledge of TV causes great hardship. The better chance of the Titans is trusted in Beast Boy and his knowledge, being on par with Control Freak's, in TV.
Юные Титаны 3 сезон 13 серия «Восточные Титаны,
To Cyborg's shock, the Titans East reveal that they are under Brother Blood's mind control. Brother Blood then himself reappears with some shocking changes: he is now half robot, having used Cyborg's technology on himself, and with plans to repeat the procedure on some guinea pigs- namely, the Titans East. Cyborg barely manages to escape, and he
Юные Титаны 3 сезон 12 серия «Восточные Титаны,
A new branch of the Titans is founded to help track down Brother Blood. Bearing the name Titans East, it consists of Bumblebee, Speedy, Aqualad, and the super fast Guatemalan twins Más y Menos. Cyborg goes to assist in building the Titans East Tower when Brother Blood suddenly shows up. A large battle ensues with an army of robots based on
Юные Титаны 3 сезон 11 серия «Зайка Рейвен или Как
hen trying to stop The Amazing Mumbo, the Titans are sucked into his hat and Raven is separated from the rest of the group. However, when they find her, they discover that Raven has been transformed into a rabbit. Soon after, Mumbo Jumbo changes the rest of the Titans into animals: Robin, a monkey; Starfire, an orange and black striped cat;
Юные Титаны 3 сезон 10 серия «Я оставлю его?»
After defeating Johnny Rancid, the Titans return to the Tower only to find it half destroyed. It turns out Beast Boy has taken one of Killer Moth's silkworms as a pet and has named him 'Silkie'. To stop Silkie from being discovered, Beast Boy gives Silkie to Starfire who immediately falls in love with the adorable critter. However, when she feeds
Юные Титаны 3 сезон 9 серия «Зверь внутри»
After a battle with Adonis, Beast Boy gets flung into stash of mutating chemicals and soaked with the toxic substance. Shortly afterward, his behavior drastically changes. No longer is he a happy-go-lucky joker, but a short-fused and menacing punk who has it in for Raven after she rubs him the wrong way, which makes the team fearful that Beast Boy
Юные Титаны 3 сезон 8 серия «Амплитуда волны»
Aqualad appears at the Tower to warn the Titans about Brother Blood's latest weapon: a sonic generator based on Cyborg's blueprints, capable of creating a tidal wive large enough to destroy the city. However, Blood is prepared for their arrival and trashes the T-Sub, making their escape that much harder. Luckily, another teen hero is playing
Юные Титаны 3 сезон 7 серия «Революция»
It's the Fourth of July and everyone is celebrating, until Mad Mod crashes the party and uses his hypno-screens to hypnotize everyone into serving him as "King Moddy the First" and transforms the city's infrastructure into strange copies of British buildings, claiming that the United States now belong with Britain again. When the Titans go after
Юные Титаны 3 сезон 6 серия «Очарование»
Raven is isolating herself from the other Titans, feeling that no one understands her and that they only regard her as being "creepy". One day, she discovers the ancient soul and spirit of a teenaged wizard named Malchior, who is trapped within one of her magic mystical books. He appears to understand her and encourages her to not feel down about
Юные Титаны 3 сезон 5 серия «Преследование»
Ever since Slade died, Robin has been questioning whether or not Slade is really gone. However, when Cinderblock breaks out of jail, Robin begins seeing Slade again. However, the problem is that he is the only one who can. Has Slade actually returned, or is there something sinister messing with Robin's head?
Юные Титаны 3 сезон 4 серия «Неисправность»
Beast Boy wants to play a video game, and tries to do so on the computers in Titan Tower, with little success. He unwittingly attempts to use Cyborg's System Recharger and accidentally downloads a virus onto it, which transfers to Cyborg and makes him hallucinate, giving him an insatiable appetite- and everything his sees is food. The Titans
Юные Титаны 3 сезон 3 серия «Обручена»
Starfire is called upon to her home planet of Tamaran to be married by order of the Grand Ruler, only to find Blackfire is now in charge after staging a coup, and is now exacting revenge on her sister for imprisonment by making her wed a hideous alien groom or face a planetary invasion force. Robin becomes extremely jealous of the Sklerch she is
Юные Титаны 3 сезон 2 серия «Экс»
The Titans investigate a break-in by an unknown intruder. Much to the group's surprise, the thief is Robin's (retired) criminal alter-ego, Red X. As the team scrambles to track him down, Robin broods on how the creation of Red X was a mistake, and resolves to fix it by bringing the new Red X down. Things take an unexpected turn when Professor
Юные Титаны 3 сезон 1 серия «Уловка»
The Titans send Cyborg undercover as Stone to investigate the HIVE's newest plan. Cyborg finds out that a new headmaster, Brother Blood, is now in charge of the academy, with a whole slew of nasty plots underway to unleash terror
Юные Титаны 2 сезон 13 серия «Возмездие, Вторая
With the Titans seemingly gone, Slade has taken control of the city, but the Titans don't go down so easily. They unleash payback on Terra for betraying them to join Slade, which leaves her feeling broken inside more than ever before. Regretting every action since her betrayal, she begs Beast Boy to finish her off before Slade takes control of the
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