Тимон и Пумба

Тимон и Пумба 8 сезон 6 серия «Этот нечестный,
After getting struck by cupid's arrow, Timon looks at his reflection and falls in love...with himself. However, Pumbaa feels a little left out.
Тимон и Пумба 8 сезон 5 серия «Двое в зоопарке»
Working as car salesman, Timon and Pumbaa sell a car to Smolder and end up working it to keep him happy.
Тимон и Пумба 8 сезон 4 серия «Остров уродов»
Timon becomes a bad sport when Pumbaa repeatedly wins at every game they compete in.
Тимон и Пумба 8 сезон 3 серия «Домашние любимцы»
Timon and Pumbaa fall in love with a lady named Leslie Lambeau, but run into conflict with Smolder who also wants her love.
Тимон и Пумба 8 сезон 2 серия «Добрый эльф Тимон»
Rafiki places a curse on Timon that causes his tail to grow every time he brags.
Тимон и Пумба 8 сезон 1 серия «Бег быков»
After injuring a secret agent, Timon and Pumbaa use his stuff in order to stop Count Down from destroying the sun.
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 10 серия «Промашка»
Timon and Pumbaa get stung by a scorpion-like beatle. After learning that its venom is fatal after 24 hours and there is no cure for it, the two try to make their last day the best, with Timon acting nice towards every other animal in the Serengetti and Pumbaa getting the fame and fortune he deserves. However, when the time comes, they realize
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 9 серия «Наследники
Pumbaa's sayings causes the jungle's animals to get advice from him.
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 8 серия «На просторах
Timon and Pumbaa find a genie's lamp and soon they wish for a million more wishes.
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 7 серия «Пижоны из Джунглей»
While in Spain, Timon agitates El Toro during the Running of the Bulls.
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 6 серия «Купи билет и
Timon wants a video game for Christmas. So he and Pumbaa get jobs at the mall, Pumbaa being Santa and Timon being an elf. Timon makes kids meet his every need or they won't get to talk to Santa. Then one of Santa's elves shows up and tells Timon he's on the naughty list. So Timon desperately tries to get on the nice list to get his video game.
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 4 серия «Кто любит поострее?»
Timon and Pumbaa join a warthog army only to find out that a war is starting.
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 3 серия «Цирковые клоуны»
Timon and Pumbaa enroll in a hedgehog professor's university where Pumbaa is smart and Timon procrastinates.
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 2 серия «Пусти кабана на
Pumbaa mistakenly wins a beauty pageant when a fly gets trapped a machine and begins to neglect Timon.
Тимон и Пумба 7 сезон 1 серия «Побег из Ньюарка»
Timon targets a strong bug to eat while Pumbaa acts like a hippie to prevent Timon from catching it.
Тимон и Пумба 6 сезон 15 серия «Отойди от моей
A leopard king's daughter mistakens Timon and Pumbaa as the ones who saved her from Ed the Hyena. This causes her father to appoint them as her bodyguards.
Тимон и Пумба 6 сезон 14 серия «Тимонкио»
After Timon complains to Pumbaa about always getting picked on, the two get kidnapped by alien gladiators to compete in some gladiator games. Pumbaa later gets homesick, but Timon wants to stay because he has a crush on the king alien's daughter.
Тимон и Пумба 6 сезон 13 серия «Шпионские штучки»
Timon and Pumbaa accidentally bump into a group of Smell's Angels. Rather than killing Pumbaa for beating the leader of the gang in a fight, they ask him to join. While Pumbaa, with the nickname "Beef," is having tons of fun, Timon, with the nickname "Toothpick," misses the old days of Hakuna Matata.
Тимон и Пумба 6 сезон 12 серия «Чуть не отдали
Timon and Pumbaa go to college, but the students like Pumbaa more.
Тимон и Пумба 6 сезон 11 серия «Горе-гуру»
Timon and Pumbaa create a salsa recipe out of bugs and become famous because of it. But Pumbaa finds it difficult when Timon entrusts him to avoid exposing their secret recipe.
Тимон и Пумба 6 сезон 10 серия «Велико скотский
Timon and Pumbaa go to Kansas to become farmers. Timon doesn't like that job at first, but then starts getting into it.
Тимон и Пумба 6 сезон 9 серия «Буха-букет»
Pumbaa becomes a millionaire through a lottery ticket while Timon remains poor.
Тимон и Пумба 6 сезон 8 серия «Фортуна — капризное
When trying to be captured by Quint for his zoo, Timon and Pumbaa unwittingly help him capture a snake, a lion, a rhino, a gorilla, and a buzzard.
Тимон и Пумба 6 сезон 7 серия «Рецепт катастрофы»
While in New York, Timon and Pumbaa become pets to a rich kid in order to eat some cockroaches. However, it does not work out as they hoped and the two try to go outside to eat the cockroaches they see in the window.
Тимон и Пумба 6 сезон 6 серия «Тимон влюблен»
In order to buy bugs, Timon becomes Robin Hood and Pumbaa becomes his merry man, "Little Hog" to reclaim the gold rocks from Claim-Jumper Quint.
Тимон и Пумба 6 сезон 4 серия «Исполнение желаний»
After creating their own bug chili, Timon and Pumbaa have a contest to see who can cook the hottest and spiciest dish before one of them surrenders.
Тимон и Пумба 6 сезон 3 серия «От сумо не
After an inspiration from a Lightning Lard comic, Pumbaa becomes a superhero.
Тимон и Пумба 6 сезон 2 серия «На полном ходу»
Timon & Pumbaa are in a circus, making an angry clown jealous of them.
Тимон и Пумба 6 сезон 1 серия «Лимонадное
Pumbaa uses his mouth odor as an effective weapon in wrestling.
Тимон и Пумба 5 сезон 7 серия «Ищем легкую работу»
Timon and Pumbaa are trapped in a 5 stars pet shop. Now they want to escape from their "golden cage".
Тимон и Пумба 5 сезон 6 серия «Тимон и Пумба идут
Timon and Pumbaa are visiting in Etiquettica. When they run into an assistant to the Empress, who mistakes them for visiting dignitaries, Timon talks Pumbaa into going along with it. Pumbaa eats the bugs in front of the assistant, burps in the Empress' face, ruins Etiquettica's Constitution by using it as a tissue to blow his nose, then ruins a
Тимон и Пумба 5 сезон 4 серия «Крутой жук»
In order to get bees, Timon and Pumbaa have a business to sell flowers. The two try to give one of the flowers to a man, but the man hates flowers.
Тимон и Пумба 5 сезон 3 серия «Мисс совершенство»
Timon and Pumbaa decide to start a lemonade stand. They then decide to go their separate ways and each start their own stand and spend all of their time trying to keep the other from sabotaging their stand. It turns out their lemonade is terrible.
Тимон и Пумба 4 сезон 8 серия «Все дороги ведут в
When Simba is kidnapped by Roman Emperor, "Colosseum Quint-eus" for refusing to eat Timon and Pumbaa, the duo try to rescue him and stop his lion opponent Clawdius from fighting him the next day.
Тимон и Пумба 4 сезон 7 серия «Зверь из
Timon and Pumbaa agree to help a monster retrieve his gold tooth from the Three Natives and their "chief."
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