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Намбака 3 серия "Another Idiot Has Come!!"

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Намбака 3 серия Another Idiot Has Come!! описание серии:

Seitarō complains to Supervisor Hajime Sugoroku that the prisoners in cell 13 disrespect him, so Sugoroku suggests some techniques based on the prisoners' weaknesses. Sugoroku is advised by the warden that a new inmate will arrive and be placed in Cell 13. Prisoner 1399, Tsukumo is moved into the cell and claims to be a shinobi. He then challenges Jūgo to an escape match. Jūgo gets them out of their cell, but before they get very far, Sugoroku catches them. Tsukumo uses his ninja techniques without success, and traps himself within his own makibishi. Later, guards Sugoroku and Gokuu clean the warden’s office for the New Year and the warden is captivated by Sugoroku's movements because of her crush on him. To celebrate the New Year, the inmates of cell 13 break out again.
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