Макс Стил 3 сезон

Макс Стил 3 сезон 9 серия "Truth Be Told"
In the series finale, Josh, Kat, 'Berto and extreme sports star Jeremy McGrath return to the command van after a super-cross event, only to discover the vehicle's been booby-trapped with a tamper-proof bomb, Josh changes to Max-mode, revealing his secret to Jeremy. After they escape, Psycho traps them in a container, and sends them to the bottom
Макс Стил 3 сезон 8 серия "Turbulence"
When a Prison Transport plane carrying three dangerous convicts drops off the radar, Team Steel discovers that it has been stolen by Psycho, who plans on robbing the Federal Reserve with their help.
Макс Стил 3 сезон 7 серия "Special Delivery"
Team Steel helps bike stunt legend Mat Hoffman when someone ransacks his hotel room and then tries to kidnap him.
Макс Стил 3 сезон 6 серия "Prey"
While Josh is out racing the Wave Storm through an inlet that cuts through the South American Jungle, the pontoon boat crashes and Josh is stranded. However, something or someone in the jungle is watching him.
Макс Стил 3 сезон 5 серия "Rough Seas"
Josh, Kat and 'Berto take part in a Sports Fantasy Cruise aboard the cruise ship Oceanus, getting a free vacation in exchange for promoting N-TEK products and signing autographs.
Макс Стил 3 сезон 4 серия "Fan Appreciation"
Josh, Kat and 'Berto attend the Grand Opening of a new Mega-Extreme Sports Park in Del Oro, built by Richard Shine, a 20-something Silicon Valley millionaire, extreme sports fanatic and big fan of Kat's.
Макс Стил 3 сезон 3 серия "Cold Sweat"
Josh, Kat and ‘Berto attend the worldwide hockey playoffs. As the game begins, Vitriol and his new band of thugs take over the arena and attempt to kidnap 14-year-old Jeremy Latham who is the son of wealthy sports & media mogul.
Макс Стил 3 сезон 2 серия "Survival Instinct"
While in the Alps snowboarding, Team Steel has a dangerous run-in with Ethan Raptor, leader of a rival Extreme Sports Team called Team Raptor (which includes athlete Tripp Thompson and manager Carlie Hoffman.)
Макс Стил 3 сезон 1 серия "Deep Cover"
In the third season premiere, N-TEK has finally succeeded in bringing down John Dread's evil empire, but the operation's climax was so explosive that it completely blew N-TEK'S cover.
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