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Макс Стил 2 сезон 13 серия "Breakout"

  • AXN Sci-Fi

Макс Стил 2 сезон 13 серия Breakout описание серии:

In the second season finale, Max and Kat are about to capture the recently reemerged Bio-Constrictor, when the Snake Man is rescued by none other than Psycho. The two escape Max and Kat. After it, Max and Kat are brought back by Jeff. Jeff wants Max and Kat to let other agents take care of Psycho and Bio-Con, and transport Dread to a maximum security prison. Meanwhile, Psycho, believing since he saved Bio-Con; he owns him, offers Bio-Con a deal: If he helps him break Dread out of a transport, he will help destroy N-Tek and Jefferson Smith.

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