Бен 10: Омниверс

Бен 10: Омниверс 4 сезон 10 серия "Монстр дедушки
Ben, Rook, and Grandpa Max have their hands full when Phil returns as a half-human half-Terroranchula creature as a side-effect of using the Nemetrix 5 years ago, and starts absorbing all of the electricity and lightning in Bellwood. But when he heads into Undertown's mini power-plant and starts to absorb the Megawatts, they must find a way to
Бен 10: Омниверс 4 сезон 9 серия "Ещё немножечко
Albedo took out Azmuth's brain through his cerebral vortex. With assistance from Gwen and Kevin, Ben, Rook, Max and Azmuth (whose supreme intelligence has been diminished) and the Plumbers must find a way off Khyber's Place, to get back to Earth and stop Albedo and Khyber from taking over the galaxy by absorbing Azmuth's brain sphere.
Бен 10: Омниверс 4 сезон 8 серия "Чей разум победит"
After Ben falls for Albedo's trap, Grandpa Max and Rook search all over the galaxy looking for Ben. Meanwhile he's been secretly trapped on Khyber's hidden personal hunting preserve fighting Khyber's new pet that now wears the Nemetrix. But as Ben finds a way out, he has to deal with Albedo. When Grandpa Max and Rook arrive, they find that Albedo
Бен 10: Омниверс 4 сезон 7 серия "Всемогущее
Albedo (who is disguised as Ben) seeks a device that will finally change him back into his Galvan form. Meanwhile, Ben (who has been disguised as Albedo by Khyber) is locked in Plumber HQ prison. It reveals Khyber has disguised Ben and Albedo as each other for their plan to work. Meanwhile Argit claims to be the hero of Undertown after stopping
Бен 10: Омниверс 4 сезон 6 серия "Отто и автомобиль"
While attending an intergalactic auto show on Khoros, Kevin, Rook and Argit run into OTTO, an old enemy of Kevin and Argit that stranded them alone in the Null Void. But OTTO and Violent Offenders end up steal some of the most expensive cars, and OTTO turns into a giant robot, leaving Ben having to stop him.
Бен 10: Омниверс 4 сезон 5 серия "Глина и вода"
While Rook and Kevin are at an auto show, Ben, Gwen, and Cousin Lucy (who is the first of her kind to become a Plumber) try to find out how Psyphon's thugs are getting Level 7 Plumber technology. Gwen suspects that Lucy is the mole because of her shapeshifting abilities as a Sludgepuppy, and her love of tricks when she was younger, but it turns
Бен 10: Омниверс 4 сезон 4 серия "Возвращение
The Forever Knights are back, despite the death of Old George. Led by the new Forever King, Dr. Joseph Chadwick, the group plans to erase all alien DNA on Earth. Jimmy Jones discovers that Will Harangue, whose popularity has nosedived following "The Frogs of War", is helping the Forever Knights. After the Forever Knights are taken care of, Ben
Бен 10: Омниверс 4 сезон 3 серия "Где ты, мамочка?"
Octagon and Rhomboid Vreedle once more blow themselves up. After reviving again, they decide to prove themselves to Ma Vreedle by pulling off successful crimes; to ensure success in numbers, they take a Pretty Boy Vreedle to assist them under the belief that Ma won't notice one out of the several others missing. When Ma does discover this (but not
Бен 10: Омниверс 4 сезон 2 серия "Обед с доставкой
Ben as Gravattack attempts to moderate a fragile peace treaty, but must endure the attacks of tiny alien fleas, which have inhabited his body. Rook shrinks down in attempt to get the fleas off him before the peace treaty is ruined. But it turns out that the Lewodon named Poltroon, sent the fleas onto Gravattack to destroy his core, causing a
Бен 10: Омниверс 4 сезон 1 серия "Семья Сатурдэй"
The Secret Saturdays come to Bellwood to investigate a rash of chupacabra attacks. Ben and Rook assist, finding the chupacabras have been draining aliens of their lifeforce. They soon discover that the chupacabras are being controlled by Dr. Animo, who is an old business associate of V.V. Argost. Using the alien lifeforce, Animo successfully
Бен 10: Омниверс 3 сезон 10 серия "План злого
Dr. Animo remembers the time he had taken control of the Plumbers Headquarters inside Mount Rushmore with bugs that easily hack computer codes, planning to mutate everyone on Earth into grotesque, monstrous creatures resembling him.
Бен 10: Омниверс 3 сезон 9 серия "Рэд Тутсман"
With Plumber agents trapped in Incursean territory, Ben and Rook must employ the services of Rad Dudesman, the roughest, toughest smuggler in the galaxy.
Бен 10: Омниверс 3 сезон 8 серия "Помолвка по всем
Princess Looma attacks Ester's village, forcing Ben, Rook, Fistina and Julie (after capturing Fistina) to stop her; In the meantime, Ben is shocked as Julie has gotten a new boyfriend.
Бен 10: Омниверс 3 сезон 7 серия "Война с
Ben, Rook, Gwen, and Kevin must find a solution to stop the Incurseans once and for all.
Бен 10: Омниверс 3 сезон 6 серия "Война с
Incurseans take control of Earth, so Rook and the Plumbers must stop them, while Ben is somehow missing.
Бен 10: Омниверс 3 сезон 5 серия "Пока тебя не было"
Princess Attea springs Dr. Psychobos from prison to help her lead an invasion of Revonnah.
Бен 10: Омниверс 3 сезон 4 серия "Кому достанется
Ben and Rook escort Vilgax to a maximum-security prison planet, but the Incurseans have other plans.
Бен 10: Омниверс 3 сезон 3 серия "История на
The Gourmand Queen is captured by Incurseans, forcing Ben and Rook to rally her feuding subjects to save her.
Бен 10: Омниверс 3 сезон 2 серия "Ультимат: Часть 2"
Galvan Prime's mechamorph ecosystem is engulfed by Malware and Galvan Prime is destroyed. A gigantic Malware then accumulates on the surface of Galvan. Humungousaur and Way Big fight Malware but are defeated. Ben is absorbed into Malware and confronts his eleven-year-old counterpart.They both forgive each other for the incident with Malware and
Бен 10: Омниверс 3 сезон 1 серия "Ультимат: Часть 1"
This episode starts with a Galvan teacher telling the children of the Galvan about the Omnivoracious. Meanwhile The Faction takes the DNA of an Omnivoracious for the Nemetrix. On Earth Ben and Rook are patrolling and Ben tells Rook to ask him anything and Rook asks about Feedback, which Ben doesn't want to talk about. In present day The Faction
Бен 10: Омниверс 2 сезон 10 серия "Доставка заказов"
After Ben accidentally destroyed Mr. Baumann's car during his fight with Psyphon's minion, Thunderpig, Mr. Baumann orders Ben to make deliveries for him without using the Omnitrix. When Ben unknowingly gets the Dwarf Star (a massive power source that was going to be sold at Psyphon's auction) in his possession, Ben must fight off Pysphon, Fistina,
Бен 10: Омниверс 2 сезон 9 серия "Неуловимый
Following Ben helping Grandpa Max defeat Liam, Ben takes Blukic and Driba to look for the 23rd Mr. Smoothy restaurant. After, Ben, Blukic, and Driba enter the 23rd Mr. Smoothy restaurant that keeps disappearing, they find it run by Professor Blarney T. Hokestar who is using a dimensional device to move the restaurant to different dimensions. In
Бен 10: Омниверс 2 сезон 8 серия "И снова Бен"
Eon returns and switches Ben's mind with his younger self as part of a plot to take over the timelines. It's up to Paradox, and the two Gwens from the past and present, to help the Bens' regain their rightful minds and help to defeat Eon.
Бен 10: Омниверс 2 сезон 7 серия "Космические парни"
Ben and Rook visit Rook's family on Revonnah during the Amber Ogia harvest. Meanwhile, Fistrick trains the planet's local rodents called the Muroids to steal the Amber Ogia as fuel for the planet-destroying satellite in his possession.
Бен 10: Омниверс 2 сезон 6 серия "Задержка в
Billy Billions turns Ben and Rook into kids again.
Бен 10: Омниверс 2 сезон 5 серия "Злоумышленник"
Ben and Rook are attacked by Khyber at a festival.
Бен 10: Омниверс 2 сезон 4 серия "Блукитч и Дриба
Ben and Rook must stop Trumbipulor from gaining absolute power while Blukic and Driba set out to find Mr. Smoothy's.
Бен 10: Омниверс 2 сезон 3 серия "Ушли на рыбалку"
Magister Patelliday is kidnapped by pirates who rob ships and put them in giant glass bottles to sell them. They intend to devour Patelliday. Any attempts at rescue are hard, since they have a Krakken and a robot army.
Бен 10: Омниверс 2 сезон 2 серия "Совет да Любовь"
Gwen and Kevin visit Bellwood. Kevin tells Ben that he must hide himself from The Tetramand Princess Looma as she is hunting him as Looma wishes to marry Kevin.
Бен 10: Омниверс 2 сезон 1 серия "Побег"
The Omnitrix begins to malfunction and goes haywire when Psychobos steals a piece of an Omnitrix core causing Rook to mutate into a half-Gourmand and a half-Revonnahgander after Ben 10 attempts to complete a transformation.
Бен 10: Омниверс 1 сезон 10 серия "Хищники и
While trapped in Khyber's ship, Khyber tells Ben that he needs different alien DNA to complete the evil incomplete version of the Omnitrix the Nemetrix. He also reveals that Dr.Psychobos assigned him to hunt down various species for DNA to transfer it to the Nemetrix.
Бен 10: Омниверс 1 сезон 9 серия "Хищники и жертвы:
It is revealed that during a fight with Eleven-Year Old Ben Tennyson, Malware touched the Omnitrix symbol on Four Arms. After the battle, he went to Dr. Psychobos and made him create a prototype Omnitrix, the Nemetrix. Back in the present, after a heated argument, Ben and Rook go their separate ways, giving Khyber his best chance to capture Ben.
Бен 10: Омниверс 1 сезон 8 серия "Горячий денек"
Ben and Rook come across elastic, hot blooded aliens that plan to activate a volcano with a nuclear bomb engine.
Бен 10: Омниверс 1 сезон 7 серия "До свидание, и
When Ben and Rook investigate a mysterious alien ghost ship, they discover that Argit and the Vreedle Brothers are fighting for possession of a doomsday device.
Бен 10: Омниверс 1 сезон 6 серия "Это были они"
Ben and Rook attempt to stop Dr Animo and his giant ants.
Бен 10: Омниверс 1 сезон 4 серия "Проблемы с
Infiltrating the Plumbers' base, Khyber uploads footage of young Ben's encounter with a corrupted Mechomorph named Malware.
Бен 10: Омниверс 1 сезон 3 серия "Удар из Прошлого"
The Megawhatts that Ben fought in his youth seek his help when they are being used as a power source for the villain Fistrick.
Бен 10: Омниверс 1 сезон 2 серия "Всё меняется:
Rook and Ben find a mysterious alien city under Bellwood after stopping 3 alien crooks: Liam, Fistina, and Bubble Helmet from blowing up Mr. Baumann's superstore in a protection racket.
Бен 10: Омниверс 1 сезон 1 серия "Всё меняется:
After parting ways with Gwen and Kevin, Ben is assigned a new alien partner named Rook Blanko. Meanwhile, Khyber the Hunstman targets Ben as his next prey.
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