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Абсолютный дуэт 11 серия "Killing Game"

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Абсолютный дуэт 11 серия Killing Game описание серии:

Having witnessing Miyabi's strange behavior and her power that defeats the securities with ease, Tooru asks K what were they did to Miyabi which K replies as merely a "gift", power which is combined with <<Exceeds>> and <<Unit>>. Tomoe comes for Miyabi for her protection from K, only to be shocked as she not only Miyabi hurts her, she also learned from Lilith over her brainwashing. Unable to stand K's mockery, Tooru is going to attack K but instead he is confronting Miyabi. Meanwhile during the Reign Conference, <<Equipment Smith>> is gloating by telling Sakuya, who realized that he has been keeping an eye onto the girl who was desperately gaining Tooru's attention, that Miyabi is his best creation. Elsewhere, Tomoe is confronting Miyabi despite suffering her injury from her beating. In an attempt to convince Miyabi to give up her destructive strength, she tells her friend that not even Tooru wishes to see
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