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Абсолютный дуэт 3 серия "Avenger"

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Абсолютный дуэт 3 серия Avenger описание серии:

On the day after the official duos have been determined, Rito Tsukimi informed her students in the classroom of the upcoming New Blade Battle which will be held in the next couple of days. In preparation for the battle, Tooru and Julie trained themselves and practiced their combat skills with their ≪Blazes≫. Later at the sport stadium, Tooru found Miyabi, exhausted, running along the track when she suddenly collapsed. Unconscious, she is picked up and carried back to her dormitory by Tooru. On the way, she wakes up and Tooru encouraged her to keep training in order to become stronger. On the next day, late afternoon, the New Blade Battle starts at 5 o'clock. The duos have 2 hours to survive and eliminate all other duos to win the battle. As the battle continues, the defeated duos are eliminated from the battle. The three last duos remaining are Tooru's, Tomoe's and Tora's. Tomoe and Miyabi are eventually defeated by Tooru and
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