» » Гангста 1 сезон 7 серия "Birth"
Гангста 1 сезон 7 серия "Birth" Гангста 1 сезон 7 серия "Birth"

Гангста 1 сезон 7 серия "Birth"

Гангста 1 сезон 7 серия "Birth"
Спид даб АниДаб AniLibria Субтитры

Описание серии:

Worick wakes up from a dream about the time that he learned that Nic is a Twilight, and Alex comforts him. Meanwhile, Chad arrives at Theo's clinic and informs Doug that he is in trouble with the Guild. Theo tells Chad that the Twilight bodies found in District 6 were likely killed by other Twilights. The Four Fathers gather to discuss the recent string of Twilight killings, including another batch of bodies that has recently been discovered. Loretta is suspicious of Uranos Corsica, but he vehemently denies his involvement, despite expressing pleasure at the outcome. In a flashback, Worick reveals to Nic that he has purchased Nic's contract from Gaston Brown. Worick's father finds him smoking, and presses a lit cigarette into his left eye. Nic sees this and, outraged, kills Worick's father and the rest of the family. Nic is about to kill himself too, but Worick forcibly stops him, telling him that he will have to suffer for what he did before he lets him die. In the present, Worick and Delico meet, both being excluded from the Four Fathers meeting, and Worick contemplates that being killed in the Twilight hunt wouldn't be a bad way for Nic to die. In the end of the episode, Nic and Alex pass the two Twilight killers in an alleyway, and Nic, seemingly recognizing them, grins.скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно